• Nazara Games Club Frequently asked questions

Nazara Games Club FAQ

  1. What is Games Club about?

Games Club is a subscription-based mobile gaming service that offers unlimited mobile games to download and play.

  1. Who can benefit from Games Club?

The Games Club is available to all active smart / feature phone Ooredoo users who subscribe to any of the different game plans available.

  1. How does Games Club Subscription Service work?

Games Club is a gaming mobile portal which offers unlimited mobile games to download and play.

  • Subscription is available at 80 Ks per day, 500 Ks per week & 1400 Ks per month.
  • Once you are subscribed to Games Club subscription service, you will need an active data connection to be able to validate your subscription status and download the games.
  • Data charges will be applicable for downloading the selected games. 
  • Users will be automatically renewed until they unsubscribe from this service.
  1. How do I get to the Games Club?

Go to website http://myanmar.gamesclub.mobi from your mobile browser (WAP / Services Browser) to browse the games available.

  • You must have an internet connection on your smart / feature phone handset in order to access games from the Games Club, to download and play games.
  • If your handset is not compatible, sample trigger message will be displayed on the screen: "Sorry, there are no compatible contents for your handset at this time. We are continuously adding new handsets so please visit us later."
  1. How can I subscribe to Games Club service?

Visit http://myanmar.gamesclub.mobi from mobile. Click on side menu bar. Select the subscription service model required (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) and click on it. You will be asked for One Time Password on the portal for subscription. Please enter the password which you receive on SMS. Post successful authentication and charging, you will be subscribed to the service.

  1. How can I un-subscribe to Games Club service?

Please visit http://myanmar.gamesclub.mobi from mobile. Click on side menu bar. Select the un-subscription option. You will get unsubscribed to the service.

  1. How to download the games from Games Club?

You can browse through the portal and download the available games apps from the portal by clicking the Download button.

  1. How do I play the games?

You can access the game/application folder on your phone to install the game.

  • The instructions to play the game will be found within the game menu.
  • You will find the game’s specific instructions within the game menu once you have downloaded and installed the game on your phone.
  1. How much do I pay for playing the games?

Once you have subscribed to Games Club, then you can download unlimited number of games and play them.

  • Subscriptions are available at 80 Ks per day, 500 Ks per week & 1400 Ks per month.
  1. If I have opted for the subscription option, how long does my subscription last?

Your subscription period will depend on the period you have opted for where – 

  • Daily subscription will be active for 24 hours,
  • Weekly subscription will be active for 7days and
  • Monthly will be active for 30 days.

At the end of the subscription period, your subscription will be automatically renewed.

  1. I get error 'Low Balance, Recharge and try again', what does this mean?

This message is displayed when you do not have sufficient balance in your account or your daily / weekly / monthly renewal has been unsuccessful.

  • Please recharge your account and try again to continue enjoying Games Club subscription service.


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